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Pioneer Metal Windows

Our 'Pioneer' metal windows are in answer to a problem that is becoming increasingly prevalent. Building regulations are changing almost every three years at the moment and the main focus is thermal efficiency. Before 2002 thermal efficiency was not really an issue and so any type of window frame could be installed in a domestic dwelling whether it was single or double glazed.  Nowadays the requirements are that all replacement windows and doors should be double glazed and meet a minimum 'C' energy rating and/or a 1.6 W/m2k U value (unless the property is listed, in a conservation area or of significant local historical interest).  

However a lot of architects, developers and customers are asking for even better thermal efficiency. Because hot rolled steel windows are unable to be thermally broken they are struggling to achieve these higher insulation requirements.  In the past this has meant that home owners have had to look for alternative framing solutions that can be bulky and may not have the characteristics of their original steel framing. 

Our solution is the Pioneer window. This is an aluminium window system that has almost the identical section profiles of the steel double glazed systems but with the benefit of being thermally broken. This means that they can achieve a 1.6 w/m2K U value and an 'A' energy rated BFRC certified system. 

In addition all of the corner sections are welded to ensure a smooth finish. The hinges can be specified to match the existing windows external hinges and are also welded. Opening windows come complete with a concealed multi locking espagnolette system which is operated by a locking handle which has been designed to complement the window. There is a choice of handle finishes. 

Doors can be specified with traditional locking panels with lever/lever handles with a five lever mortice lock/latch system or a more modern cylinder lock can be specified. Face mounted shoot bolts (or concealed shoot bolts to slave leafs) are also available. Doors can also be specified with a multi locking option. There is a choice of handle finishes. 

If you require more information to do with a specific project or wish us to supply and estimate then please do not hesitate to contact our office. Our showroom with some window and door examples can be seen during office hours. 

For more information or to request a quotation please contact us.